Baggage storage


1. Go to the Baggage Room on the first floor of the airport and make a request to the service staff.

2. The passenger must have a passenger ticket, valid Mongolian ID card and foreign passport.

3. The service worker shall check the baggage with the Security Checkup X-ray machine in the presence of the baggage carrier /passenger/ and attach a sticker on the inspection to the bag and accept it for storage.

4. Baggage holders upon receipt: -1 copy of baggage payment receipt with the number attached to it -1 copy of payment receipt, /ticket must indicate passenger’s surname, first name, Personal ID number, date of storage, payment amount/ and must be signed on the registration book.


1. The stored baggage shall be returned to the passenger who firstly deliver the baggage based on verification of passenger’s travel document (personal document), baggage allowance and payment ticket.

2. The passenger shall sign on the baggage receipt to ensure completeness of baggage and Passenger Service operator will register in details.


1. Delivery / pick-up of baggage that has not been inspected for security.

2. Serving the passenger who used alcohol or drugs or passenger’s personal document is illegal or contrary

3. Items prohibited to be carried by aircrafts (liquid substances), their perishables, which have a perishable appearance, have a sharp odor and are not allowed to be stored in luggage

The hospital unit located at the first floor of the airport.

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