“Chinggis Khaan" International Airport baggage storage manual

1. Baggage storage:

1.1 Passengers who are tending to store his/her baggage should meet senior on duty and the note about baggage storage on the 1st floor of the airport.
1.2 After appropriate x-ray machine inspection, a senior security officer will stick the sticker on the baggage and baggage will be stored in the room number 126.
1.3 Passengers who are storing his/her baggage must possess of valid citizen identification card of Mongolia, Passport.
1.4 Passengers who are storing his/her baggage will receive following documents after handing his/her baggage to the senior security officer:
- Number of baggage
- Bill of payment /On the ticket: Last, First Name, Registration Number, number of days, total amount/

2. Baggage returning:

2.1. When returning baggage only person who first gave baggage should receive after checking his documents, number and bill of payment.
2.2. After returning baggage person who received the baggage should sign on record prove to integrity of baggage.

3. Prohibited items:

3.1. Storing baggage that hasn’t gone through security inspection.
3.2. If a person who is storing baggage is having improper documents, or under alcohol/drug influence.
3.3. If baggage contains prohibited items /liquid/, materials that can easily decay and change its shape and features to carry on aircraft. /

Tel: 976-11-283054

Ulaanbaatar: 18/01/2019

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Duty-free liquid items must be placed in a sealed transparent plastic bag with the supporting proof of receipt. These items need to be approved by the security inspector. Thank you for your attention!

Lost and found

Register lost or found things from Aircraft or Airport terminal.


Police department
Tel: +976-98220762, 99328102, 91328102, 89428102

Medical point

Medical point of the airport Tel: +976-11-283033

Airport Service

Baggage storage

1st floor of the airport #126
Tel: 976-11-283054


Transit Hall

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Business Lounge

Business Lounge of the airport is located on the 2nd floor of the Airport. Capacity of the lounge is 60-80 person at one time.



Golomt bank
Tel.: +976-11-283205, 285534
TDB bank
Tel.: +976-70049714 Continue

Cellular Phone service



Duty free

3F 24 hours shopping


Ulaanbaatar Taxi

Ulaanbaatar Taxi service
Tel.: 1900-1991



Airport bus service
Tel.: +976-93234141


Airport location


International and Domestic Arrivals



International and Domestic Departures



International Transit Hall, Duty free shops


Airport introduction Video

VIP Lounges

Business Lounge of the airport is located on the 2nd floor of the Airport. Capacity of the lounge is 80-100 persons. You can receive Border control, Customs, Security inspection and baggage delivery service at one point. Payment should be made by cash.
Tel.: +976-70049911
Online reservation
Domestic VIP Lounge fee for flight diplomatic passengers is by order and/or for reserved passengers is by charge.
Tel.: 976-11-70049819, 98220671

Special reservation from State Protocol Office and Protocol Department shuod be booked 24 hours in prior.
Tel.: 976-11-283068, 98220672